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of a malware attack that could infect tens of thousands of people. >>> texas require voters to show photo i.d. at the polls? a panel of judges will hear that case today. >>> can this woman do something no other american has ever done before. we'll talk to the american who is the world judo champion about her chances for bringing gold for this country for the first time ever in judo. at the olympics. welcome back, everyone to "early start." it is nice to have you with us. i'm ashleigh banfield. >> i'm ali velshi, i'm in for zoraida. >>> this is cnn breaking news. >> president obama is holding a big event in the white house rose garden later this morning to resurrect the battle over the bush tax cuts. he'll be surrounded by working-class americans while he calls on congress to enasked tax cuts for everyone making $250,000 a year or less. republicans want the tax cuts extended for the wealthy as well. the white house will be busy framing the tax cut debate this week with the events planned in new hampshire, colorado, and florida. republicans want the tax cuts extended for all of americans, eve
for the allegations of doping violations, but a texas judge struck down the suit and then chewed out arm trong's lawyers saying the complaint was jam-packed with legally irrelevant complaints solely designed to increase media coverage of this case. >>> [ bleep ]. >> a nasty brawl breaking out in a florida courtroom between the family of two murdered brothers and the suspect's familiar. it happened after a hearing on florida's stand your ground gun laws was canceled, the same law in the middle of trayvon martin shooting case. one of the victim's friends left on a stretcher after this brawl, possibly with a broken jaw. the defendant's father and stepfather were taken awe in handcuffs. >>> prince, your home run king. detroit tiger prince fielder won the home run derby last night in kansas city, which will host the major league baseball all-star game tonight. justin verlander will start for the american league. matt cain for the national league. and the league that wins gets home field advantage in the world series. >>> a break from the heat comes at a price. storms bringing major flooding in the
conversations about that sfp. >>> here at home, storms are moving through houston, texas, and they have turned deadly. two people were killed in a lightning strike at a soccer complex on sunday. authorities say the three players had taken cover under a tree when the sudden storm just rolled in. police say the lightning strike sounded like a bomb going off. >> they were fierce storms here in new york yesterday. my wife brought the kids to the basement the lightning was so strong overnight. >>> in london, there's a scramble to make sure there's enough security personnel. british government ministers announced over the weekend that 3,500 military personnel are being brought in at the last minute. the move comes in after a private contractor admitted it was not able to hire the 10,000 plus workers it had promised would be in place. >>> a $15,000 reward now being offered for the search for two missing girls in iowa. they were last seen going on a bike ride near a lake in evansda evansdale, iowa. >>> and you have to check this out. the tour de france turning into the tour detacks after someone place
of major rains today. also louisiana coast, southeast texas coast access for more rain today and also monsoonal moisture coming in. this is where we'll see the rain, could see on in some of t spots. all right. big picture. getaway friday. so much moisture in the southeast. very tough to fly. so kind of if you are about to get online or tweak your flight the earlier you go today the better off you'll be. showers and thunderstorms will explode here in the southeast. heavy rain. clouds to ground lightning. warm in the northeast, though. today will be the warmest of the next three weekend cause. of course it's the weekend so let's take a look at temperatures. about 90 today in boston. 95 in syracuse. temperatures will come around. what we'll see from boston to new york, philly, d.c. that 95 corridor not a wash out but saturday into sunday scattered and isolated showers and storms. today pretty dry there. certainly the warmest of the three days. back to you guys. >> alexandra steele, thank you. 15 minutes now past 5:00 on the east coast and we're getting an early read at the papers, news t
. >> we're getting an early read on local news making national headlines. in texas there's a sneaky texas mom, thought she had the perfect plan to dig up dirt on her daughter's basketball coach but, yeah, that didn't work so much because all it did was land her in jail. >> with a mug shot. >> with a lovely mug shot. >> possible 20-year prison sentence. the denton record chronicle said wendy long told her daughter to plant a camera in her high school locker room and she wanted to get evidence of the coach yelling at her players. they turned it into police. she's charged with wiretapping and says she didn't break any laws. >> she's a principal too. >> of the school? >> can you imagine? >> telling your kid -- >> middle school principal. that won't look good on your resume. >>> we said earlier, siri, can you find me an attorney? apple has been sued over the technology of the voice assistant service. the "l.a. times" has this reporting a chinese company is claiming that it, in fact, has the pat tent on voice assistance software and got it back in 2006. apple siri they say is in violation of ou
on in houston, texas. this event has become something of a rite of passage for presidential candidates. here's the strange part. guess who's not going to be there? president obama. instead he's going to be sending joe biden, his vice president. biden will speak in his place and that will happen tomorrow. today mitt romney, tomorrow mr. biden. cnn contributor roland martin will cover this event all weekend. a couple blocks from the convention in houston. the first thing i thought, well, probably because the president thinks he's got the african-american vote sewn up so that would be sort of doubling efforts where they are not needed. but is that such a wise choice to make? >> i would never say one has any vote locked up because turnout is going to be a key especially when you look at some of the critical states. in 2008, then senator obama only won north carolina by 14,000 votes. that is still a state in play. you look at ohio and pennsylvania and florida, those votes are going to be critical. so i certainly believe he should have spoken to the naacp. the obama campaign says they have a very
that the judge ruled that the government's misconduct was not severe enough. >>> police in texas are releasing surveillance video and audio key to this story, the audio of a robbery suspect. investigators in harris county said he told a worker inside a grocery store he had a gun but watch and listen as he repeatedly orders the cashier to hand over money. >> right here, right here. give it to me right now. right -- that's not enough, give it to me. give it to me. >> yeah, that's not nice. give it to me. that's not quick enough. give it to me right now. if they find him, he's in big trouble. the robber left with an unknown amount of cash. >>> no the tough economic times, two states prove it is possible to do business without budget surpluses. arkansas and west virginia announcing surpluses at the close of their budget year this week. arkansas sporting $145 million surplus. west virginia announcing an $87.6 million surplus. >> that's incredible. some cities across the country are going into bankruptcy. >> that's an unusual situation. that's interesting. >>> this is a fourth of july tradition, fol
to six inches across parts of carolina, six to ten across texas. they're seeing flash flood watch and warning posted for the rest of the day today. another line of thunderstorms starting to pop through houston. if you're traveling through houston, be aware there could be some delays at the airports there. as they begin to fire up, as they're already doing, two plus inches of rainfall per hour, a good possibility. this happens in july. they hit the brakes as soon as they get to the gulf of mexico. steamy down to the south. along the front is where you'll see thunderstorms pop up and some of them will be torrential rainfall like we saw again for the third night in a row. thunder and lightening. north of that, not too bad. south and west, record breaking temperatures across the southwest yesterday. it will be a little bit cooler today. 90 degrees in albuquerque. 88 degrees and 90 expected. >> i'll take the 80. this is what ashleigh was talking about. a woman fishing off a dock in south carolina. reeling it in. another one comes along. take a look. >> oh. >> oh [ bleep ]. oh, jesus ch
years but the tropical moisture we had earlier in the spring knocked that out and texas has seen some improvement, either way you slice it, this drought is deepingening and it's the worse since 1955 and rivals the drought back in 1936. any more rain in the forecast? not a lot with the exception of pop-up thunderstorms. this stationary front along the canadian border will dip down from time to time but for the most part in the month of july it's tough to get it far down to the south. that means not only not a ton of rain but more in the way of heat. chicago back through cincinnati, heat advisories and excessive heat warnings for philadelphia. temperatures will be at 95 to maybe 100 degrees in places like d.c., 101. factor in the humidity and it will feel worse than that. 98 expected in chicago. 57 degrees in san francisco. that's the cool spot. bring your jacket, 88 in chicago and the heat builds into new york city tomorrow afternoon with a high of 96 degrees. >> rob is getting parch there it's so hot. >> thank you, rob. >> we always end our show with best advice, what a unique opportu
of that. >> i saw him recently at a texas rangers game. yeah. he was having a pretty good time. >> loves his baseball. loves it. >>> senator john mccain says mitt romney's tax returns have nothing to do with his decision to choose sarah palin as his running mate in 2008. he says she was simply a better candidate. mccain staff received more than two decades' worth of romney's returns when the former massachusetts governor was being vetted as a possible vice president. democrats are questioning whether mccain saw something questionable back then in those returns. but the arizona senator is vehemently denying that. >>> here, a high flying statement concerning the statue of joe paterno that stands outside penn state's beaver stadium. a small plane flew around the campus yesterday with this banner. it said take the statue down or we will. it follows the release of louis freeh's report that accused the legends dare penn state football coach of helping to cover up child sex abuse by jerry sandusky. many want that statue dismantled after sandusky's conviction of child rape charges. >>> two hoode
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)